Explore The World Of Sphene

Sphene is a versatile capsule that offers the warmth of feminine allure with traditionally rooted embellishments on modern designs

ELOWEN  |  ₹86,000

DORIAN  |  ₹2,96,000

TEIGEN | ₹1,29,000

ALAUREN  |  ₹86,000

VIVIEN  |   ₹76,000

LUMEN  |  ₹96,000

VIVIEN  |  ₹76,000

EVELYN  |  ₹1,19,000

HAVEN  |  ₹3,19,000

QUINTEN  |  ₹86,000

TAYLEN  |   ₹49,000

HAYDEN  |  ₹1,19,000

Derived from the sphene gemstone, this capsule signifies enlightenment and love. To add glamour to the revelries, Sphene is a perfect curation of Indian couture, offering top-notch Indian wedding dresses, sharara suit, draped saree, and much more. From luxe organza as a flowy white dupatta to a timelessly elevated lehenga set adorned by mirror work, hand embellishments, and flawless cutwork. Filled with subtle mustard, beige, and white hues, the capsule exudes confidence with elegance. The stone-like adornments and intricate embroidery of this capsule enhance the exuberance of the entire collection. Made for modern women seeking Indian art values in fashion, Sphene’s every garment is divinely classic

TEIGEN ₹1,29,000

ALAUREN ₹86,000

ELOWEN ₹86,000

DORIAN ₹2,96,000

VIVIEN ₹76,000

VIVIEN ₹76,000

LUMEN ₹96,000

EVELYN ₹1,19,000

HAVEN ₹3,19,000

QUINTEN ₹86,000

TAYLEN ₹49,000

HAYDEN ₹1,19,000